Simi Valley

Simi Valley is a synclinal valley in Southern California. It is an enclosed
or hidden valley surrounded by mountains and hills. It is connected to
the San Fernando Valley to the east by the Santa Susana Pass & 118
freeway, and in the west the narrows of the Arroyo Simi and 118
freeway connect to Moorpark and Ventura, California. 
The relatively flat bottom of the valley contains soils formed from shales,
sandstones and conglomerates eroded from the surrounding hills of the

Santa Susana Mountains to the north, which separate Simi Valley from
the Santa Clara River Valley, and the Simi Hills.
It is well known as one of the safest cities in California as well as the
home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum which
houses Air Force One and the Presidential helicopter used by President
Reagan. Both President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan's memorials are also
at this site. (Picture and sourced from Wikipedia)

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