Oxnard is located along the coast of Southern California. It is the 19th
most populous city in California and the most populous in Ventura
County. The city lies approximately 30 miles west of the Los Angeles
city limits. The population of Oxnard is 203,585 as of the 2012 Financial
Report. Oxnard is the most populous city in the Oxnard-Thousand
Oaks-Ventura, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is listed as one of
the wealthiest areas in America, with its residents making well above
the average national income.
In 2013, Oxnard was ranked as one of the safest cities in America with
violent crime rates well below the national average.
Oxnard was incorporated in 1903. It is located at the western edge of
the fertile Oxnard Plain, sitting adjacent to an agricultural center of
strawberries and lima beans. Oxnard is also a major transportation hub
in Southern California, with Amtrak, Union Pacific, Metrolink,
Greyhound, and Intercalifornia stopping in Oxnard. Oxnard also has a
small regional airport called Oxnard Airport (OXR).
Many flock to the beaches in Oxnard for sun and fun and it has become
a popular spot for vacation homes. (Picture and sourced from

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